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What do you find to be the best product for flea control?

Have you had any adverse effects with any product?

Have you tried "Merit" for use in the yard?

What about allergic reactions to any product?

Are any effective and absolutly safe?

What about giving vinagar at the rate of 1 tesp. per gallon via drinking water? Does this work, any side effects?

Your comments are much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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thank you so much for this information...
One of our pyrs had an obivous same reaction last year and there was a tiny bit of noticable reaction in two others.
We had our yard treated with Merit twice this year. No animals allowed to be on the area for one week and it was throughly watered and dried before their return. No ticks and no fleas this season. But I do not like to us chemicals so am seeking other methods .
At the beginning of the season before the application we had many ticks. On several occations ticks were on me and did not discover any on any animal.
...any info. on the Sargents natural product for flea, and tick? It appears to have lemon grass, cloves, orange peel, etc as ingredents. Maybe this is a good idea??
We saw this in Wal-mart in the pet dept.

I actually use a similar product on puppies and it works pretty good. Doesn't seem to work on the adults as well although they smell good! with most products now a days, it seems there is confusion over the product as far as I've read in a short period of time.
I really do appreciate the input.
latest news from here:
The lemon grass, cloves, cinnamon, and thyme product smells great , but three of the four pyrs who had 1/4 of the recommended amount applied.....had a reaction within a matter of a few hours. It actually caused an open soar on each pyr, and had to be washed off. The area healed quickly within a weeks time.
What a disappointment!!!!! This appeared to be such a nice alterative....sure wish it would have worked.
Comfortis (once-a-month oral pill) was recommended to us for Lexington due to her flea allergies. However, she reacted very badly with this medication; she vomitted each time it was administered, and we discontinued use after three months. She is currently on Frontline, and we have not had any problems with it at all. She also takes Sentinel for heartworm and flea protection.
thank you so much for this information.





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