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Hi everyone:


Just yesterday morning, our great pyr woke up bearing almost no weight on her L front leg.  She is quite active so I gave it a day as I thought it might be a little sprain.  Today we brought her to the vet who took x-rays and told us she has osteosarcoma.   The area that seemed to be the problem (or where she seemed to react the most )was more the carpal/wrist area, which was not swollen initally but is now.


She weighs 107lbs and we gave her 100 of tramadol and a whole tab of she is almost walking normally.............the other thing is we looked at the appears that she has a full fx on one of her metacarpals.............


I have been crying all day.......earlier it appeared as if we might have to euthanize her asap as she was unable to hardly get up and was having lots of trouble ambulating even with a harness and us helping.  Now she seems to be doing much better................I do; however, have many questions.............hoping someone may be able to help.


First, we are thinking about getting another opinion because shouldn't they also aspirate to BE CERTAIN that they are seeing cancer?


Second:  4 weeks ago, she developed a rash on her belly that went down both legs...........the dr. prescribed a cephalospalin antibiotic X 3 weeks.  The rash has resolved but now I am wondering could she have an infection in her leg and could this be something other than an osteosarcoma?


Third:  In any instances where someone has had something similar happen, was your furbaby's pain alleviated enough so that they were able to go from being almost no weight bearing to full weight bearing after just rimadyl and tramadol?


Sorry I am so scattered but I am a wreck and also am trying to wrap my head around possible  amputation.......chemo..............etc.............

Thank you so very much to anyone who is able to respond.......


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Yes initially pain medications will work but they soon reach the point where nothin seems to alleviate the pain.  A second opinion will give you some peace of mind

Thank you, Pat..........

We are bringing the xray to a second vet today at 5pm.  We also looked at the xray ourselves and it appears that she has a broken bone in her foot?!  Would wrapping that help ?


I am so glad that the pain meds are working right now at least.........she is able to walk around and has been outside doing her walk of the yard and seems to be happy.  



She may have a pathological fracture and this would be serious this early. Follow your Vets recommendations. Usually the choices boil down to how much money you want to spend for a few weeks (maybe) more fairly quality time with your pet. Hard (NO: impossible) choices usually and one needs the wisdom of Soloman it seems. Enjoy what ever quality time you have with her now.



Thank you for your comments, Joe.


She is responding well to the pain meds at this time so at least we have that right now. We have decided no amputation......she's 9, very large, and we just don't think this would benefit her.  We are considering palliative radiation and possibly some chemo....I don't is really so very difficult to decide what to do and what not to do........





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