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My 1 yr old Pyr has a problem w/ loose stool most of the time.  Usually, the stool starts out regular but by the end of the it comes out loose.  Then sometimes he has another bowel movement which then comes out like a cow pattie.  I feed him Wellness  (since he was a puppy) and we're starting the large breed formula of Wellness.  I've tried giving him acidophilus & yogurt, but nothing seems to help.  This week he's really had a problem with the "cow pattie" poop, so he's been eating a lot of rice.  Could it be something about this food?  Should I try another brand?  Hope someone has some advice for me.

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I would recommend taking him to the vet if this hasn't already sorted itself out. It may be some sort of bacteria he has and needs antibiotics to clear it up.
It could be the food but also for persistent loose stools he should be wormed and or checked by the vet for various parasites. I always worm with 3 days of Panacur cause they can have whip or hook worms which may or may not show up on a stool sample. Other causes are giardia, and coccidia- all easily treatable. Rice is a good idea and adding yogurt and pumpkin will help as well. But I would also change his food in the meantime
If he does not have parasites, his gut is likely inflammed or at least irritated. Confirm no parsites first, then let him go a day with only water. Then feed him a grain free food. Rice is a grain and is inflammatory to dogs, cats and humans. Most people think rice is soothing, but its properties are inflammatory. You might also give him some small amount of ground beef that first day if you think you are being cruel. An inflammed gut can take a few days to settle down. Don't give him any chicken as its the worst type protein either in kibble or fresh. I would also hold up on the yogart until you know about the cause i.e. parasites or inflammed gut.
Donna post is good as well.
Heidi, the two most common reasons that a healthy dog has a loose stool is 1) Too much fat in the diet, and 2) simply too much food.

First try cutting back a little on the amount of food you are feeding. If the loose stools end, you have your answer.

If this does not work, follow the suggestions you already have received: first eliminate the obvious - parasites and food issues. Joe is right to rest the gut, and it can take a while for this to occur. You might want to explore some of the pro-biotics that are out there. We keep BeneBac on hand for when we travel and my boy's digestive system goes awry. But this works only on the second part of the digestive tract. If your dog has gas and some straining, you may want to add digestive enzymes to his food. My dog gets really stressed out when we travel, so he gets both pro-biotics and the enzymes.

Let us know what you do, and what results, if any, you have had.

My 13 month old pyr has the same type of issue.  She has been cleared by the vet, so no worms or giardia.  Things got better for a week or so, and now she is back to her normal.  I need to change her food ( she is currently eating the green bag of Wellness) to a single protein, but I haven't decided which one yet.    Thanks everyone for all the good suggestions--I didn't know about probiotics or enzymes, so I will have to try that too.

One must assume that the gut is inflammed when this occurs. All grain (rice, corn, millett, etc- all the grains are a problem) is inflammatory to the digestive system of dog (also us humans as well). It can take the gut (stomach,
small intestine and colon) up to a year and a half to heal in humans when badly
involved. This would not fall into that catagory, but the point is the gut is
quite slow to heal when injured.

I would remove all grain from their diet. Also dairy does about the same, so yogart can be a problem as well. I would limit food for a few days. I would feed canned salmon and a bit of grain free kibble for a few days and then go to a
grain free diet with some salmon or other wild caught fish like tuna, sardines,
etc. . I would also give high EPA fish oil. 1000 Mg twice daily to start and
then go to once daily after about a week. Chances are Vitamin D3 (5000 IU) is
also needed (gel cap not tablets). Pleanty of fresh water. Chances are your vet
will have no idea about this unless they are a holistic vet. Also no NSAIDS
unless it is a cox 2 NSAID like rhymadyl. Regular NSAIDS causes problems for the
stomach and can cause probelms for the kidneys if used very much.


Avoid corn, cornmeal, soy and wheat. These are difficult for dogs to digest and can cause allergies.I suggest you to study the book  The Whole Pet Diet.



Diet Plans Review
Thank you all so much for all the good information, I am going to start by removing all the fat from Nana's diet, And get a apointment with my vet, And I look forward to a change. I do not want to restrict her food too much as she does not eat that much, just a mouth full every now and then, and she still has to gain weight, and it is very cold outside. Thank you all sooo much appreciated, Thanks again Christine

Loose stools can occur for a number of reasons. It is best, when possible, to determine the cause of the loose stool and then to treat that cause. I couldn't tell from your note whether or not the puppy's stool had been examined by your veterinarian for parasites or if she had been examined.In almost can case of soft stools or diarrhea it is a good idea to examine a stool sample to make sure that there are no signs of intestinal parasites and to consider checking fecal smears for signs of bacteria associated with intestinal problems.


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