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Any of you have any experience with osteochondritis dissecans of the shoulder in your pyrs? Jas has been limping off and on for a few months and the vet thought maybe it was just Pano. I couldn't stand it anymore after going thru what I did with Abby so I made them do xrays today and it appears this is what he has. We are looking at possibly surgery in the near future and was just wondering if any of you have gone thru this.

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I've had two Pyrs with OCD in the shoulder, one in 1995 (Heike) and one in 1998 (Colin).
The operations were successful on both of them. After the op., there was about 3 weeks with minimal activity (no running, playing, walks, and so on, just out in the garden to "the toilet"), so the shoulder could heal. Then the training could begin again, slowly and carefully: short walks on soft ground (woods, grass), swimming a little bit - and about 5-6 weeks after the op., they could be "normal" happy dogs again, running, walking, playing....
I "dressed" them in a T-shirt so they couldn't lick/bite the stitches, and a sock on the hind leg so they couldn't scratch... ;o)
They stopped limping after about 3-5 days after the op., and the shoulder didn't seem to bother them after that. (This is very individual, of course!)
They had the stitches removed after 10 days.
Both dogs made a full recovery, and they didn't have any problems with the shoulders what so ever for the rest of their life!
Heike was about 6 months old when he had his op., and Colin about 5 months.

It's never any "fun" to have to operate on your dog, but this is a type of injury they can fully recover from in a rather short period of time (about 6 weeks after op.), and they can live a long happy life afterwards.

I wish you and your dog the best of luck!

Hilde S.
Thanks for the info Hilde, I am hearing all good news on this so that makes me feel alot better. We are looking at arthroscopic surgery so I understand the recovery is really good with that. I work from home so that helps a whole lot too. Jasper will be 1 year old tomorrow. He has been limpimg off and on for a couple of months but the vets just thought it was pano.
My Pyr did the same thing, thought it was an injury from a run in with a donkey a year before. "It was the shoulder". She was 4. The x-ray showed a little something they thought was arthritis. Gave pain meds and it went away for several months. Started limping on and off few months ago another x-ray showed Bone cancer in the shoulder to the elbow.
I do not know anything about the condition you have mentioned. I don't know how old your dog is or how soon bone cancer has been known to start in Pyrs. I also don't know if or how they could have diagnosed it as cancer when it started when she was only 4?
Just throwing that out there.
Oh Karen I am very sorry to hear about bone cancer in your pyr. I lost my Abby in Feb due to bone cancer at age 6 in a front and a back leg. Oh yeh this limping scared me to death but I figured it was probably just a joint problem since he is only 1.
I am sorry to hear about the problem. I also have owned a pyr with OCD and he had one shoulder operated. The recovery was pretty much the same like Hilde S described. Also what is very important in the recovery are joint supplements - not just the cheap crappy ones you can get from the shop but the ones vets use. Chondoritin and Glucosamine are the ones the joint needs after the surgeyr for best recovery, also vitamine C is importand as an antioxidant for the free radical damidge. In US the best supplement what I can recomend you is Cosequin. I work in a neutraceutical buisness and our top supplement is joint supplement SYNOQUIN witch is similar to Cosequin but the US market does not have it. Both supplements are the best in the joint supplement market, there is small difference in the chondrotin sulphate source (witch is better in synoquin) and one of them has few more ingridients inside.
I hope this helps and I wish you best in the surgery and recovery

If this is the wrong place to post this, I'm sorry.   I did not see a topic just for pain.

Obbo is a rescue dog he weighs 125#.  I noticed he was getting up and down very slowly and thought it was pain.


The vet and I put him on Rimadyl.  WOW!  what an improvment!  Same day he started the medication.

My question is about dosing.  I read somewhere that the GPs have a lower metabolism and often need less then prescribed for other dogs thier weight.  He is on 100mg twice a day.  

What dose are other people giving their GPs?  If I can lower the dose I would like too.

Thanks, and again I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this :) - Reba

It is most important to get him on supplements- glucosamine and chondroitin  Dosage for his size would be about 1500-2000 mg.  MSM, hyaluronic acid and fish oil all help with anti-inflammatory effects.  It usually takes a few weeks to see results but with supplements you can lower the dose and often even get them off medications altogether.  It is also important for him to loose weight- with pain he needs to be on the thin side as the less he weighs the less stress on painful joints.  Good luck




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