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HELP from anyone for more info!! I've surfed the internet for info but haven't found the answers.maybe i'll find it here.
hello everyone. we have a one yr old handsome pyr KODA who loves loves loves,did i say loves,.. to be outdoors even freezing temp. we know they are montagne dogs but i still worry about my hubby tim says he is ok outside..we bring him inside at night and he whines for a long period of time.during the day he is inside intermittently when we are home and in the garage in his dog house when we r at work.He HATES IT.we have a fence around our property,no livestock,we r in a suburban quiet old neighborhood.

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I don't think its possible for it to get too cold for them. They adore it. Keeping dry is important though. They do not like the heat when they come in from outside. Old dogs sometimes need to be in out of the really extreme cold.
I agree! The colder it is the harder for me to convince the dogs to come in! I currently have 3 living outside in the kennel area and they absolutely love it. If I bring them to the house they whine and pace to go back outside. Our idea of peace and comfort is not their idea of same
ok. now i'm not as worried. thanks guys.i reaaally appreciate these hubby made a big dog house for him outside but
KODA seldom uses it. he'd b out in the middle of the yard content as can be at nite or day.he digs alot though.
I second Joe here on the really old dogs. When my old Patou was in his mid teens, we were lucky to have a vet who specialized in geriatrics. Among other changes that occur as a dog ages, they loose their ability to control their body heat. You have to be aware of both ends - very hot and very cold with these old ones. And to compound the problem of dragging them in from the frigid weather, many appear to get relief from the pain of arthritis by laying on these cold surfaces.
Hi - from a cold and snowy winter here in Norway.
YESSS! They want to stay outside, in snow and freezing temperatures! No one has mentioned exact numbers here but I give it a try... My dogs are outside in their large fence during the day, down to minus 10 degrees C. At lower temps, I bring them in after some hours. They have ice-free places to lay down with roof above, but that is'nt fancied at all! They will rather lay down in the snow, preferring higher up, with a view.... (Only when raining they stay under the roof.)
And we have taken walks in the woods even in minus 30 C here! Afterwards, they did not want to come inside. They seem to want to cool down, litterally spoken.
Good luck, to you and Koda!
When Lot was about 13 years old she wouldn't sleep in the house anymore. We tried to keep her inside but she was wining all night. She even tried to open doors, chew on the doors, scratched the bedroom door all night, walked up an down the hall constantly etc. It was not possible to keep her inside. So she slept outside for about a year. She could sleep high and dry on the porch when it was raining or snowing. And for the rest she was sleeping in the flowerbed (after a year there was not one green leaf left.)
During the day she was fine inside but at night she absolutely wanted to sleep outside no matter what the weather was. After about a year she had an accident at night. She fell into a hole where she couldn't climb out anymore (she was about 14 than) where we found her the next morning. She couldn't walk for about an hour and we were very afraid that she was paralized. From that day on we took her inside again. And she was fine with that.
We have never known what it was that made her sleep outside for a whole year. But weatherwise it wasn't a problem. But it's usually not that cold in the Netherlands. I think she never had less than minus 6 celius, 21 fahrenheit.
Hi, Glad to read Mauds comments. My Dog Bear is also thirteen, he will follow me to the end of the world but when the temperature drops below freezing there is no man or machine that could make him come inside.
The temperature is supposed to be down to about 9 celcius -15 with the windchill tonight and a woman stopped by
and all but accused me of aninal cruelty because my dog was laying outside. It was all I could do to covince her that he was just fine, I wont go into all the details, but she was lucky to leave without a good cussing.
I dont know what kind of temperatures a Pyrenees is comfortable with, all I know is that the lower it gets the happier old Bear seems to act. I have seen him laying out in the driveway -20 degrees without the windchill, on his back, four legs stuck strait up in the air and a big grin on his face.
Great picture of your old man!!
Just provide Koda with a place to get in from the elements if he wishes to & he'll be fine!
here i am again..winter time and worried about my dear 3 yr old pyr KODA. it is 5 or zero degrees outside. fahrenheit and he of course would rather lay on top of the fountain grass he matted down by the driveway than sleep inside the house or his doghouse where it is warm. has anybody used any hay as their floor bed in the doghouse to help offer warmth before? if it is even "warm" . i don't know... but any great info will do.
That's what Pyrs do. Like Maud's Lot, my Clara, at 12, would rather be outside. I put the bed on the porch (-30 C) and put comforters on top of her. She stayed like that almost all night, as I recall. She only put up with the duvets on her because at this point she didn't have enough weight on her to keep her warm enough.

Koda is 3 and should be fine. Pyrs know what they want. If Koda were cold, he would let you know. Hay or straw would work. I kept a cushioned bed in Clara's dog house but she preferred hunkering down in the snow..
I don't worry about them in the cold except when they are very old and frail. Frail is probably the operative word here really. 'Then I want them to be able to get out of the wind and have some heat overnight. So far they seem to be happy with this and its been many old ones over the years.




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